Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Analysis of the business environment of vodaphone - introduction + Assignment

Analysis of the business environment of vodaphone - introduction + porters five forces analysis - Assignment Example In 1982 under the CEO Whent, Racal Electronics formed a new subsidiary Racal Strategic Radio Ltd. And in same year Racal's newly formed subsidiary Racal Strategic Radio Ltd under CEO Whent, it won one of the two UK cellular licenses. And the other license was won by British Telecom. The network which was 80 percent owned by Racal Electronics and 15 percent by Millicom and 5 percent Hambros Technology Trust by was named as Racal Vodafone. On January 1st 1985, Vodafone was launched. And so Racal Strategic Radio was renamed to Racal Telecommunications Group Ltd in the same year. COMPETITORS: Vodafone has various different competitors in the telecommunication market. But there are very few companies which are considered as rivals to Vodafone, as Vodafone itself is one of the most leading companies in market. If we study the main competitors of Vodafone in headquarter country UK then the main competing companies with Vodafone are T-Mobiles, Orange, O2 and virgin Mobiles. (Wikinvest , 2011 ) SERVICES AND PRODUCTS PROVIDED: Vodafone offers wide range of products and services within the vast range of telecommunication circle. These services include voice calls, messaging and cellphones etc.

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