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Cause And Effect Of Procrastination

problem runs rampant particularly among college students in the form of procrastination. Procrastination is the art of putting something off until the very last possible time that one still has the ability to achieve it. Procrastination often has very negative effects and can cause underachievement, stress, and lack of sleep. However, some people would argue that they work best under the pressure of a deadline, so procrastination may be capable of helping to produce good results in these cases. Some†¦ Procrastination Cause and Effects Doing things at the last-minute is a trait that many people do not wish to have, but have done at one point or another. Putting things off or procrastinating is an idea that someone puts a certain task or chore aside until it is urgent. It is common among people who do not feel like completing the task at that very moment. Procrastinating can have many effects on someone’s life in more than one way. One effect that procrastination can have on a person’s life is†¦ some research conducted on the effect of academic procrastination with either self-determination theory or subjective well-being. However, there is not much research on procrastination with both self-determination theory and well-being together. These topics are of interest because the literature shows that these two factors appear to be related to each other in some way. It makes sense that an individual 's level of motivation and happiness would have some effect on whether or not they procrastinate†¦ down, but by then it is too late. Procrastination becomes a part of a routine- a habit. An individual can prevent it once he or she puts his or her mind to it and desires to change. More specifically, college students develop this pattern of putting assignments off to the side until the very last minute. There are numerous reasons as to why students procrastinate, but there are also ways to be more productive and avoid it. Although it may seem like procrastination is more satisfying and more convenient†¦ Procrastination Oh, how I am absolutely notorious with this.. My bittersweet, guilty pleasure! And at most times completely unaware that I do it or that I 'm subconsciously sabotaging myself to defer whatever it is that I should be doing. To procrastinate is to delay or postpone action. Some might even use the word lazy to describe someone that has a habit of this. A procrastinator rarely ever does nothing but rather always doing something (little, tedious, time consuming, mostly unimportant things)†¦ Topic: Procrastination Purpose: To inform audience about the facts, causes, and drawbacks or procrastination Introduction: As students we value our time and know that every bit of our time cost something. We chose to attend school in hopes of bettering our future. With this amazing opportunity we are granted the freedom of making our own decisions including what to wear, eat, or when to do our work. Having this freedom we often decide that since no one is making us do the work that we have time†¦ guilty of it at one time or another; We have been victims of procrastinating, especially as students. Procrastination is defined as â€Å"putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention† (Harper, 2015). This can include putting off assignments, papers, and projects. As you can imagine, the outcome of doing this is always negative. Procrastinating not only has psychological effects, such as stress, anxiety, and depression, but it additionally takes a toll on your body. Students†¦ Just about every person in the world has faced procrastination before in their lives. Procrastination is one of the things that I hate because I procrastinate with many things in my life. One of the main things I personally procrastinate most frequently on is school work. I know just about every college student can relate. There are many different reasons why people procrastinate, maybe they do not enjoy the task at hand, maybe they are afraid of failure, or maybe they are just lazy. There are a†¦ date. This action is called procrastination. Procrastination is the action of postponing or delaying a task. Everyone does it and sometimes people do it without even noticing. There are many reasons why people procrastinate, and it is not hard to control. The following paragraphs will explain reasons people procrastinate and strategies on how to deal with procrastination, ways to overcome procrastination, statistics about procrastination, and side effects of procrastination. One of the reasons why†¦ will explain the consequences of students procrastinating in college. The consequences discussed will be how procrastinating affects students grades, as well as students who do not procrastinate on a regular basis. Later on, solutions to reduce procrastination in college that can also be applied to your life in general. Holding students accountable for submitting work on time and holding instructors accountable for enforcing these standards will also be discussed. How colleges can help students quit†¦

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